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Eaten Alive

In this story, there is no forgiveness, no justice and no rubber bullets. The violence is real and the war is real. There is no shortage of violence and anarchy. There is no band practice, but target practice. Everything you have grown to love about Sid might change. The characters you grew fond of may give you a change of heart. This might be an easy read however, the contents of this book are far from easy to digest.  

This isn't a love story, this isn't a slow burner. This is what happens when a man is torn apart and...  


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Dissent is not treason

BASED ON TRUE EVENTS This is the gritty story of Sid Jones. A punk rocker dwelling in the small town of Conway, New Hampshire. After meeting a young woman, under horrible circumstances, he finds himself in a battle against police corruption and an internal war he no longer had to fight alone. This novel targets police brutality, the republican party, religion and much more!

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The Reapers

Follow the trail of blood and mayhem, and at the end of it you will find the Reapers. A "family" that torments, kills and beats their victims beyond anything you have ever witnessed in television. This book is not for those with a weak stomach.

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